Collection: L'Agence Luxe Loungewear

L'Agence, a cult classic amongst Rouge Girls, is beloved for infusing Parisian style with California effortlessness. The same is to be said about their newly launched Luxe Loungewear, released as a sign of the times.

“As we are expanding our product categories, the Luxe Lounge sweats was a natural addition to the L’Agence lifestyle model. We are all about luxe fabrics and that’s what makes the difference in what we do," said chief executive officer and creative director Jeff Rudes. 

With this new collection, L'Agence creates for the ever-changing lifestyle of modern women. Elevated knitwear and jogger sets bring a bit of luxury to the mundane, and are as versatile as you are, with the ability to be dressed up in an instant.

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